Madly in Love: Mother marries son-in-law, panchayat ruled in favour of couple

, 2:35 PM IST

Patna: Leaving the daughter in shock and dumping husband, a 42-year-old mother married her son-in-law.

According to Hindustan Times report, the incident happened in Madhepur district, Bihar.
Asha Devi had got her 19-year-old daughter Lalita happily married to Suraj Mahto and the couple had a son.

Recently when Suraj fell ill seriously, the mother visited the couple to see her ailing son-in-law and fell in love with him.

After sometime Asha left for her home in Puraini, but love between them continued blossoming. They continued in touch and would talk for hours over the phone.

When Lalita came to know about the ‘unholy’ relation, she tried hard to convince her mother but in vain. The hapless wife even requested her father who worked in a Delhi factory, but he too failed to separate them.

Finally, the couple eloped on June 1 and formalized their marriage at a local temple.

The panchayat ruled in favour of couple last week and approved the union saying, “The couple is madly in love and there is no reason to separate them.”

“When my wife and son-in-law have married each other, what is the use of leaving my daughter with them,” he told HT.