Madras HC grants interim stay on dress code at Tamil Nadu temples

, 9:23 PM IST

MADURAI: The Madurai bench of the Madras high court on Monday granted a temporary  stay on its own order which was passed in December 2015.

Directing the Tamil Nadu government to refuse entry to anyone wearing jeans, bermuda shorts, skirts, short-sleeves or tight leggings to “enhance spiritual ambiance”.

The orders were passed by a single-judge to implement wearing of “decent clothes” at temples.

The  temples had put up sign boards specifying the dress code. The dress code applies to locals and foreigners visiting the sites, some of which are major tourist attractions.

Men are allowed to wear dhoti, a traditional long lower garment, pyjamas with a cloth top or formal shirts and trousers. Women are allowed to wear saris or half saris with a blouse, churidhars with upper cloth, for children any fully covered dress.

This dress code was followed from  January 1, 2016.