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Mahesh Bhatt encouraged Alia to fight for ‘Udta Punjab’

Mahesh Bhatt encouraged Alia to fight for ‘Udta Punjab’

New Delhi: A day after the Bombay High Court directed the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) to allow the release of ‘Udta Punjab’ with just one cut, Alia Bhatt, who is one of the leads of this movie, said that her father and veteran film-maker Mahesh Bhatt boosted her up to go ahead and fight.

“When I heard about the first cuts that were suggested, my first question was to my father but why and how? It does not make sense. I was not able to understand. My father has been fighting this since the longest time. He looked at me in a way that Alia it is something that happens. He said, “Go to court, fight it and you will come out feeling very happy as it will be always on your side.” He was very sure about that,” said the 23-year-old actress.

“I am a director’s daughter and to know the fact what a director has to go through when you are asking for cutting off things. Everything goes upside down,” she added.

Shahid Kapoor, the lead star in this movie, said the Bombay High Court’s judgment provided an insight to the people on both sides as to how they need to move forward.

“I have complete respect for the judgment that has happened yesterday. It has provided an insight to people on both sides as to how we need to move forward. I would say that I probably agree with all the things that the judgement says,” he said.

The 35-year-old actor also added the film gives a strong message against the drug menace.

“I never saw an issue with the content of movie, I felt that the movie would be beneficial in spreading awareness,” he said.

The Bombay High Court yesterday cleared the release of ‘ Udta Punjab’, whose makers were locked in a dispute with the CBFC, with just one cut.

The other cuts ordered by the CBFC in the movie was struck down by the High Court.

The bench refused to stay its order on a plea made by the CBFC counsel to enable the board to appeal against it in the Supreme Court, saying the filmmakers have already spent a lot on the movie and its promotion and distribution.

Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom Films, the co-producers of the movie, agreed to cut out a scene in which the lead actor Shahid Kapoor urinates into the audience during a rock concert.

They also agreed to add to the disclaimer that “neither the film maker, nor the actors support the use of expletives and abusive language by any section of the society.”(ANI)