Friday , July 28 2017
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Mahmood Ali slams Shabbir, KCR determined to give 12% reservations to Muslims

Hyderabad: Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali condemned the criticism leveled against Mr. KCR by Congress opposition leader, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir and said that he should refrain from his negative attitude and cooperate with the Govt. for the development of the State. He further said that during a short period of two years, TRS introduced many welfare schemes which Congress could not do during its 40 year regime.

He mentioned that TRS Govt. started 71 residential schools for minorities this year and 90 more schools would be started next year. The Govt. is giving scholarship to Engineering and other professional courses students. It is also giving Rs. 20 lakh for overseas studies. Poor Muslim girls are getting Rs. 51, 000 each for their marriages. Under Asra scheme, destitute persons get Rs. 1000 pension and handicapped persons receive Rs. 15000 per month. These pensions were only Rs. 200 and Rs. 500 for which people had to stand in queues at MRO office for which they had to spend Rs. 200.

Mr. Mahmood Ali further told that the announcement of formation of BCs Commission is a welcome gesture on the part of TRS Govt. It will pave way for providing 12% reservation to Muslims. He mentioned that 4% reservations given in Congress regime are the results of joint efforts of TRS and Congress. He asserted that Mr. KCR is firm in his promises. He assured that KCR would fulfill his promise to provide 12% reservation to Muslims.

Regarding bifurcation of Hyderabad, Mr. Mahmood Ali told this city is of historical importance and therefore a decision has been taken not to change its structure.

–Siasat News