Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Majority of beef traders & exporters are not Muslims

Hyderabad: As per the Indian constitution, no government can deny fundamental rights to its citizens. Every citizen has a right to decide what he will eat. The Allahabad High Court also directed the Uttar Pradesh state government to look into the ban on illegal slaughterhouses and the consequent effect on meat trade in the state.

As far as the trade and export of beef is concerned Muslims are far behind than others in both the fields. The beef cattle are generally sold when animals becomes a burden for the farmer. When the participation of beef cattle in agriculture ends or cattle becomes weak or handicap, then the poor farmer has no choice but to sell it. A farmer can’t afford to provide fodder to cattle if it is of no use. This is the reason why a mela is set up in various parts of every state where cattle are put up on sale.

In this context Muslims have no role in sale of beef cattle. However the cattle not used in agriculture are purchased by big firms on low cost and their meat is exported. India is one among the countries from where meat is exported to various countries. Now the question arises if the sellers are not Muslims how can buyers be accused of?

Experts say that if the sale and export of beef is banned in the country, greenery will be found nowhere in the country. Providing fodder to the cattle will become a bone stuck in government’s throat. It is not that the miscreants targeting Muslims under the patronage of government don’t know the fact but they just want to draw political mileage through polarisation. Hence armless innocent poor traders are being attacked in BJP led states.

Some scholars and elders propose that Muslims should form a strategy and avoid consuming meat atleast for a year. If this is implemented, beef traders are forced to beg before Muslims to purchase their cattle.

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