Makkah crane crash – 40 accused including 10 Saudi Govt. employees identified

, 7:54 AM IST

Jeddah: The Investigating authorities of Saudi Arabia identified 40 persons who seem to be responsible for the crane crash in Makkah last year which killed over 100 people and left a large number of persons injured.

A press report indicated that the prosecution authorities in Makkah has been informed about these persons for taking further action.

The accused persons include 10 officials of the government occupying important positions like managers, engineers and technicians.

A preliminary investigation indicated that the crane fell due to negligence of the operating staff belonging to Binladin Group of Saudi Arabia.

King Salman, the ruler of Saudi Arabia who calls himself to be the custodian of the two Holy Mosques situated in Makkah and Madina issued orders for paying compensation to the families of the deceased persons.

He announced a grant of one million Saudi Riyals to each victim’s family and 500,000 Saudi Riyal to each injured person.