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Malaysia: Practising hijab does not stop you from cosplaying

Picture Courtesy: HT

Kuala Lumpur: A hijab cosplay event took place on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, on Saturday where numerous hijabis were dressed in their favourite anime cosplay look. Around 20 women participated in the event organised in a mall. There is an obsession of cosplaying in the countries as Japan, Korea and China, which seems to be growing in Malaysia now.

A 21-year-old girl Nur Azlina, cosplayed “power ranger,” she also said that she got a positive feedback from everyone. Participants grew their network and shared cosplaying tips with each other. “Some people are sometimes surprised when they see my hijab… but it doesn’t bother me. My friends and my family support me and I also get invited to birthday parties to attend with my costume,” she said.

Picture Courtesy: HT

“I love cosplay and I get to make new friends here and also in the international cosplay community,” she added.

Another cosplay artist Raja Muhammad Rusydi, a 20-year-old male cosplayer, said he hoped such events will generate more interest among hijab-wearing women to take part in cosplay activities. “I support them. If they love the character and have the passion, they should do it.”

Participants imitate and dress like their favourite anime character, cosplaying has a considerable following all over the world, especially in the countries where mangas are read, some cosplayers are no less than a celebrity. Their fan following is counted in millions, However cosplaying ‘in Hijab’ is only a few year old.