Saturday , October 15 2016
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Mamata creating atmosphere of political intolerance: Congress


Accusing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of creating an atmosphere of political intolerance in the state, state congress president Adhir Chowdhury today said that the state police was being used by the state government to intimidate the Opposition in the state.

“The Opposition is being intimidated in Bengal by using the police and CID and she is accusing the Centre of using the CBI against her. Why is she and her party so afraid of CBI, when they have done nothing wrong?” Chowdhury expressed surprise.

“She is accusing the central government of creating an atmosphere of religious intolerance in the country. But she herself in the state has created an atmopshere of political intolerance, where leaders and workers of opposition parties are being attacked regularly and the police is intimidating the Opposition,” Chowdhury said.

Chowdhury also termed Banerjee’s verbal attack on the central government over the issue of intolerance as an ‘eyewash’ and a part of match fixing between BJP and TMC.

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