Man arrested in Tamil Nadu for selling bombs to target L K Advani

, 12:08 AM IST

Chennai: Karnataka Police have arrested the vice-president of Pudukudi village panchayat in Tirunelveli, on Monday in connection with the 2013 blast near the BJP office in Malleswaram, Bengaluru, injuring 17 people, including 12 police personnel.

The investigators revealed on Tuesday that Daniel Prakash (35),had close connections with subversive elements and sleeper cells of terrorist organisation Al Ummah in Tamil Nadu. He also supplied them explosives on at least three occasions.

In 2011 he had supplied Al Ummah terrorists with explosives that they allegedly planted a pipe bomb beneath a bridge in Alampatti village, 30km from Madurai that was intended to target LK Advani when he passed through Tamil Nadu on his yatra.

The bomb was spotted an hour before the senior BJP leader was meant to pass by and it was defused on October 27, 2011.

Prakash also sourced the explosives that the terrorists had used to set off a blast in Tirunelveli in 2012, said the Central crime branch assistant commissioner Venkatesh Prasanna.