Video: Man brutally beats female bus driver for objecting to smoking

, 10:20 AM IST

In a shocking video that going viral on social media, a female bus driver was beaten, pushed and left bleeding after she told a passenger to stop smoking on her vehicle.

Surveillance camera installed on the bus shows the horrible incident. The male passenger can be seen fiercely hitting the driver and dragging her out of the driver’s seat.
According to report, a man who boarded the bus was repeatedly told by the driver to extinguish his cigarette before he attacked her in a vicious manner. The incident took place on a 522 bus in Suzhou, south east China’s Jiangsu.

He was also warned by the driver for putting his feet on the seats. Before leaving however, the accused went up to the front of the bus and grabbed the driver’s by the neck, pinning her into the side window of her cabin.