Friday , August 18 2017
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Man drowns while trying to save cow

Bhopal: In a tragic incident, Raju Jogi, 40, a resident of Bamhori village, saw that a cow had fallen into an overflowing canal in front of his shop. When Jogi noticed that the people were not able to save the cow, he jumped into the canal with a rope. He succeeded in rescuing the cow, but failed to swim across gushing water.

Jogi, who ran a small tea shop near Bamhori bus stop, is survived by his wife and five children. His body was later recovered from the canal after searching for him for four hours. An investigating officer said “This is also a difficult time for many who stood on the canal, as Raju struggled to hold on. A few of them attempted to help him but unfortunately he was taken away by the raging waters while the cow was rescued.”