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Man rapes a nine-year-old girl while her sister assists the misdeed

Man rapes a nine-year-old girl while her sister assists the misdeed
Picture Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Gwalior: A nine-year-old child was raped for a few weeks by five men. One of which, was her brother in law. Gwalior Police has arrested three on Friday, a report of HT claimed, the girl was living with her elder sister after the death of her parents.

The girl’s 32-year-old sister has also been arrested for aiding the sexual abuse of the minor. Additionally, two others were also named by the girl child, who have fled. The molesters are charged with the act of provisions of Protection of Children from Sexual offences 2012.

A complaint was lodged by a neighbour of the girl’s household with the Child Line rescue team. The girl was then taken to a shelter home. She informed the Child Welfare Committee about the sexual assault she went through, at her sister’s house.

The CWC conducted a medical test and the case was filed against five culprits. Furthermore, in one of the cases, a nursery child of three years was raped in a Gwalior school, who later identified the criminal in a photograph. While In Jabalpur District, a four-year-old was sexually molested in the toilet of her school.

According to the data of last year, 2260 minors were raped out of 4279 victims. The reports also suggest, there have been a huge number of such cases in MP, which were submitted in the ongoing assembly session. The data reveals, 11 women were raped daily and 6 were gang raped in a week on an average, during the last year.