Man sells 18-days-old daughter online to buy iPhone

, 6:33 PM IST

A man in China got a three year long jail for selling his 18 day old baby daughter online only for the purpose of buying an iphone.

‘Aduan’ from Tongan, Fujian province, south eastern China sold his infant daughter on the social media site QQ.

The buyer paid £2,500 (23,000 Yuan) for the baby, according to the People’s Daily Online.

“Xiao Mei” mother of the infant, work many part-time jobs while the father spends most of his time in internet cafes.

Both parents were 19 when they went through with the unplanned pregnancy.

The baby was purchased by buyer’s sister. As the infant’s parents are not in a financial position to raise the child it is understood the infant is still with the buyer’s sister, the Epoch Times reports.