Saturday , August 19 2017
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Manmohan calls for strategy to create 10-12 million jobs

Kolkata: Former prime minister Manmohan Singh on Friday said there was a need for evolving a strategy to create 10-12 million jobs every year in India.

“We have to evolve a strategy to create jobs for 10-12 million people every year,” he said at the 200th year celebration of Presidency University.

Singh, however, stressed the need for keeping in mind environmental balance while creating jobs for a sustainable growth.

India is a country with a vast potential as talented people abound in the country, but sadly even so many years after Independence “we obviously have to do much more”, he said, adding “India must grow and grow rapidly.”

“We have to find pragmatic solution to poverty and equality and to create a climate in which internal tensions can be dissolved without recourse to violence,” Singh said.

He also called for finding effective means to address systematic disadvantages on account of caste, tribe and religion along with adequate attention to education and health.