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May have differences with Sena, but it does not hinder work: Maharashtra CM

May have differences with Sena, but it does not hinder work: Maharashtra CM

Mumbai: Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis today said BJP and Shiv Sena may have differences on certain issues, but that has never caused hindrance in running the state government.

To a question, why Shiv Sena, one of oldest allies of BJP, time and again pulls up the BJP government, Fadnavis said, “Our stand are firm on Hindutva and nationalism. On other issues we may be having differences, but it has never been a hindrance in running the government and therefore all the decisions in the Cabinet are taken by majority of the ministers”.

Fadnavis, however, did not specify whether BJP would fight the upcoming civic elections in alliance with Shiv Sena.

“Basically, I am of the view that we should go altogether. We have some ideological issues to be resolved. But let me tell you, there are various dynamics that need to be considered before having a poll alliance with a party,” he said.

On the silent marches being taken out by the Maratha community across the state demanding reservation in jobs and education, the Chief Minister said, members of the community have faith in his government.

“People are coming out on the roads peacefully just because they have expectation from our government. This is reflection of aggression of those who could not be given justice in the past. It is fight of underprivileged against privileged people,” Mr Fadnavis said.

He stated that the SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities Act) would not be repealed at any cost.

Asked about his stand on the campaign being run on social media to boycott Chinese goods, he said it was up to the people what to choose or not.

“Let the people decide what they want, but at the administrative level, we have to find an option for it and through ‘Make in India’ campaign, we are inching forward to deal with such a situation,” he added.