Friday , August 18 2017
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MeeSeva serving people in entire country

The government’s vision is to see that people living at the last mile of the State have enhanced standard of living and are able to uniformly avail the benefits of the schemes and programs implemented by Telangana Government and this should happen transparently, seamlessly, instantly without any hassles. Certificates and Documents, offered through “Mee Seva” are, digitally signed, legally valid, and printed on secured stationery and delivered across the counter or through post.

MeeSeva is growing rapidly and phenomenally, creating a name and space for itself, not only in the State, but also in the entire country.

Government of Telangana has taken up this prestigious project of initiating the Food Security Cards in place of existing ration cards to give the benefit to the Below Poverty Line Citizens. Mee Seva is facilitating the citizens to apply for New Food Security cards to get the Fresh Food security card also delivering the different types of corrections in Food Security cards i.e., Address Change, Head of the family member modifications, Member Addition, Member Deletion, Card Type Change and FP Shop Change to avail the changes in FSC through below mentioned services. Application for New Food Security Card, Corrections in Food Security Card, Mee Seva – The Journey ahead: Today, MeeSeva offers citizens a bouquet of over 340 high volume services from 36 departments and as on today 5, 82, 62, 155 transactions were delivered through MeeSeva and soon reaching 6 Crore mark. Further there are 40 more new services that are going to be launched by the end of March 2016 and would be available through MeeSeva Kiosks in all over the State. (NSS)