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Meet Javid Parsa, young and charismatic entrepreneur of valley

His broad smile and hospitality win hearts that even people with no appetite just drop in to his outlet to meet and have some bites of famous Kathi Rolls of his outlet. Meet Javid Parsa, 27, A young and energetic entrepreneur with dynamic and ‘ahead of curve’ vision about his business and society.

If you ever been to Srinagar and especially to Sarah City Centre, Srinagar; then there’s no chance that you can give a miss to famous food Outlet- “Kathi Junction”. You might be wondering, what make this Kathi Junction outlet so famous? I mean many of you may have visited Kathi Junction outlets in other cities too, and we love them for their food of course. But, what make this Kashmiri guy’s food outlet so famous that they manage to sell a huge number of around 3000 Kathi Rolls and 2000 other food items?

Well, we mentioned it before and we again want to tell you that there’s a special ingredient in food served at Javid’s Outlet. We asked Javid about that special ingredient but instead of answering this he clued us about the answer which is written in form of customer feedbacks and are kept under the glass dining tables of his small 13 x 20 feet outlet.

“For all the love you Serve along with Lip Smacking food, we can’t resist to come here again and again – #KJ Lovers” read one of several feedbacks that fans of Javid’s outlet- “Kathi Junction” leave behind to tell him how much they like coming to this place.

Sharing his story of success, this took many turns before making him shining as the shiniest star of Srinagar’s Food Industry. Javid told us his education first; being a bright student, Javid took admission in Engineering after 12th. Hoping that it would be the best for him to become an engineer; but after sometime this guy realised that his career is rolling on a wrong path. He then quit engineering and joined Interior Designing & Architecture hoping that it can bring the best talent out of him but soon interiors and architecture too started boring him, having his bachelors completed somehow form Lovely Professional University; Parsa got a wise advice to study Business Management. Acting upon the advice Parsa applied and joined MBA in Maulana Azad National University, Hyderabad. His degree was not even completed when he started getting job offers from different reputed companies but, putting off those offers Parsa continued and completed his Degree and after that joined Amazon ® as fulfilment expert.
During his work tenure there, Parsa got many job offers from Gulf Countries but he decided to come back to his roots and start a business instead of joining a lucrative job.

Revealing the reason to start a business in the Valley; Parsa said: “I wanted to do something for my people life in Kashmir is very unstable for many years. I wanted to grow and wanted other people to join me as well in this process so that their lives can be stable. Here in Kashmir people are living with the myth that only a government job can stabilise their children’s life. Now many people use the example of my business to their parents to get the permission from them to start a business.”