Meet the little blind girl who loves to read all Holy Scriptures

, 1:00 PM IST

A visually impaired seven-year-old girl Rida Zehra from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh has memorized the entire Gita, a book she has never seen, by heart.

Zehra, a Muslim by religion and a class III girl does not mind paying to any God. “I like to pray and read the Holy Scriptures like Quran and Gita”, says Zehra , who studies at Brij Mohan School for the Blind in Meerut’s Jagriti Vihar.

“Once I learnt the right way to read the Holy Scriptures, I started teaching the holy books to the kids of my school and Zehra was one of the quick learners. It doesn’t matter to me whether she reads the Gita or the Quran”, said Sharma, a teacher at Brij Mohan School.

According to the report, Zehra has never seen the holy book for she born with 80% blindness. In fact, she has not even read it in Braille. Her teacher at the school helped her memories the whole text of the holy book Gita by reading it out to her.

Her father Raees Haider, who earns a living by selling biryani in Delhi, told The Times of India over phone that he just wants his daughter to get educated.