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Meeting held for fixation of rents for Haj House

Hyderabad: Mr. Mohammed Saleem, Chairman of Wakf Board held a meeting with the officials of Urdu Academy, Haj Committee, Minorities Finance Corporation and officials of A.P. Wakf Board. This is the first time that such meeting was held to elicit opinions of the Govt. officials and Wakf Board officials for the assessment of rent of the portions occupied by them in Haj House. It has been noticed that the rents are not being paid by various institutions according to the market rates. Wakf Board has decided to enhance monthly rents and also to fix separate electricity meters for various offices in Haj building since the entire electricity bills were being paid by the Wakf Board so far. A sum of Rs. 20000 would also be collected from each department toward maintenance charges. Since Wakf Board has 55% share in the Haj house, no rent would be collected from it but it has to pay maintenance charges. The officials of Minorities Department complained that if the maintenance charges are collected, the services should also be of high quality. They made a reference to the lift which has not been functioning for the past two months. It has also been decided to install separate electrical meters and transformers.

Prof. S.A. Shukoor, Special Officer of Telangana Haj Committee and Secretary of Urdu Academy, Mr. M.A. Bari, General Manager, Minorities Finance Corporation, Mr. Irfan Shareef (Haj Committee), Mr. R. Krishna, Urdu Academy and the officials of Wakf Board attended the meeting.

Prof. S.A. Shukoor informed the committee that Haj Committee contributed Rs. 96 lakh for the construction of Haj House and it did not pay any rent so far and it will not pay any rent in the future also and hence Wakf Board has no right to claim any rent from Haj Committee.

It may be noted that the colouring work of Haj House has been taken up after 16 years.

–Siasat News