Mehdi Nawaj Jung Cancer Hospital purchased useless gadget for Rs. 22 crore

, 9:13 AM IST

Hyderabad:  Mehdi Nawaj Jung (MNJ) Cancer Hospital purchased a useless radiation machine for Rs. 22 crore.

The Radiation Machine has 5 mm beam and the hospital is permitted only upto 2.5 mm beam. Responding to this, a senior doctor said that the machine was brought without the permission of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board. He further added that the hospital is allowed to use only a 2.5 mm beam to properly target the tumour. In 5 mm beam along with tumour, other cells also get damaged.

After purchasing a useless gadget, Dr. N. Jaya Lath, Director of the hospital had set up a committee to enquire the matter.

Meanwhile, Dr D. Shankar Mahadev, a member of the committee, said in his report that there are several administrative lapses in the purchase of the machine.

However, a senior doctor said that it is a waste of time and resources as 80% of the money is already paid to the company. Doctors of MNJ asked Health Secretary, Rajesh Tiwari to punish those who are responsible for the purchase.