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Men angrier on Facebook than women: Study

Men angrier on Facebook than women: Study

New York : People often put status updates and make comments on Facebook on a regular basis, but a new study has found that men are typically angrier and more argumentative on Facebook than women.

The findings come from a team of researchers from New York’s Stony Brook University, who used a computer program to analyse around ten million status updates and comments made by more than 65,000 Facebook users, the independent reports.

Men proved to me more hostile while making a status update or commenting than women.

The word used by women like ‘wonderful’, ‘happy’, ‘birthday’, ‘daughter’, ‘baby’, ‘excited’ and ‘thankful’ were often used while making a status update, while the men folks used words like ‘freedom’, ‘liberty’, ‘win’, ‘battle’ and ‘enemy’.

“In many ways, the topics most used by women versus men are not surprising – they fit common gender stereotypes,” said Dr. Margaret Kern, psychologist at University of Melbourne.

“The computational methods let us make visible what the human mind does to automatically categorise people we encounter in our everyday lives,” Kern added. (ANI)