Video: Men beaten, children tossed like papers, women raped by Jat agitator, says truck drivers

, 8:10 PM IST

After truck driver Niranjan Singh, another truck driver Sukhwinder has come forward claiming that women were dragged into the fields by Jat agitators.

Talking to ABP News, Sukhwinder said that he saw with his own eyes that women were being dragged out of the car and taken into the fields.

He alleged that cars were being stopped on the road, men were beaten and children tossed.

“Children were being tossed around and thrown on the road as if they were pieces of paper. Men were beaten brutally. Women’s clothes were being torn. They were being dragged in the fields. I don’t know what happened afterwards,” he said.

He said he was ready to give the statement to the police. However, police were not that enthused

Taking note of the offence, the High Court of Punjab and Haryana ordered the police to investigate the allegations.

The state government’s inquiry committee, headed by a woman Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Rajshree Singh and comprising two women Deputy Superintendents of Police (DSPs), Bharti Dabas and Surinder Kaur, on Saturday started the probe into the reported incidents.

The committee visited Hasanpur village near Murthal, where the alleged assault took place.

The eye witness further said that at around 2 p.m, while he was struck in the road jam, the miscreants set his truck and other vehicles on fire.