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Men luring women into prostitution at Secunderabad railway station

Hyderabad: Secunderabad Railway Station, busiest place of the city, became a hub for street prostitution. Situation has gone up to the level that a man was trying to lure women who got down at the railway Station, into sex work.

According to Indian Express, 189 repeat culprits are booked on the occasion of World Day of the Fight Against Sexual Exploitation that was on 4 March in the railway station for passing vulgar comments and exposing indecently in public places.

300 persons survive on flesh trade revealed by a survey conducted by the Government Railway Police (GRP).

Under the Prevention of Detention Act six organizers were booked for forcing women to indulge into sex work, rape and living off their earnings from sex work

Under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956, 14 cases have been registered and 20 sex work organizers have been identified.

Counseling had been given to the 261 victims and 80 percent of them are HIV positive cases said the police.

According to S Ram Chandra Reddy, inspector of Gopalpuram Police Station, “With organisers as well as sex workers themselves operating around the area, a number of related crimes would be reported which includes eve teasing, robbery, violence under the influence of alcohol etc. They have come down in the last one year.”

Vikalp, a counselling centre which runs24-hour is also helping in the rehabilitation to victims and also to the offenders.

“Offenders are also counselled the first time. As many as 189 repeat offenders have been booked under Section 68 of the Hyderabad City Police Act,” said the inspector.

B Sumathi, DCP, North Zone said, “The victims are also provided medical aid and are referred to Gandhi Hospital. It was revealed that 80 per cent of these people are HIV positive. Field teams have been specially created from the department that has two male and one female officers to track down offenders.”