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“Michael Jackson sexually abused me when I was 12” -Jackson’s first female complainant

“Michael Jackson sexually abused me when I was 12” -Jackson’s first female complainant

United States: Michael Jackson who was facing various allegations in 1990’s, now has been accused of sexually abusing a girl child.

Michael Jackson’s first female complainant, who filed the lawsuit as Jane Doe, says that the singer invited her, who was then 12 years old and her mother inside the house to show off his “candy area”. She further claimed that Michael kissed her mouth and body. She also alleges that there was vaginal penetration.

Giving further details, she said Jackson had paid her around $900,000 for not exposing him. She also submitted a number of letters as evidence.

According to the news published in Deccan Chronicle, in one of the hand-written correspondence, Jackson wrote, “Your Valentine’s picture was so original and sweet. I love you sooo much also you’re making me love you even more, the more I talk to you. I’m crazy about you. All my love Michael, the Monopoly King.”

After almost 30 years, the woman is now suing several of Jackson’s companies for negligence, emotional distress and much more. However, the Michael Jackson estate did not respond to the allegations.

It is to be noted that there was already rumours of child sex abuse surrounding him. There are also rumours that he paid millions of dollars to settle many cases with the families of young boys who claimed to have been sexually abused by Michael.