MIM chief Owaisi opposes Uniform Civil Code,questions law commission’s questionnaire

, 2:26 PM IST

Hyderabad: The All India Muslim Law Board on Thursday opposed the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) and decided that it will boycott the Law Commission’s questionnaire where it has sought suggestions from the citizens of India to bring in the Uniform Civil Code.

Talking about the same,MIM chief said that a uniform civil law will not be good for India’s diversity. Owaisi sided with Muslim Personal Law Board in opposing the UCC, but said his party would reply to the Law Commission questionnaire.

Amid a raging debate on uniform civil code, the law panel has sought public views on the subject to revise and reform family laws, saying the aim is to address social injustice rather than do away with the plurality of laws.

Owaisi’s reaction came after the Muslim Personal Law Board today Thursday decided to boycott the Uniform Civil Code, saying that India’s diversity of cultures needs to be respected.