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MIM MLA sheds crocodile tears over ‘Akhirat Manzil’ land issue

MIM MLA sheds crocodile tears over ‘Akhirat Manzil’ land issue

Hyderabad: MIM MLA raised the issue of sale and registry of ‘Akhirat Manzil’ (a graveyard located on Darussalam Road) land, in the assembly. By this he tried to give the impression that any matter can be resolved only with the representation of the MIM. It must be noted that ‘Akhirat Manzil’ is the ancestral graveyard of Late Mr. Abid Ali Khan and recently some miscreants not only sold the land but also got it registered.

The land was sold to apolitical leader. The seller is also said to be belonging to local political party.

Siasat editor Mr. Zahed Ali Khan struggled for the protection of the land and Deputy Chief Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali who is also revenue minister began the process of cancellation of registry. Now that the process of cancellation of registry is in its final phase, by raising the issue in the assembly, the MIM MLA tried to take the credit of whole issue.

If MIM has sympathy towards Waqf properties it should hand over the function halls to Waqf Board, which were constructed on Waqf land of Toli Masjid under its patronage. Apart from it, there are several other land grabbing incidents on Waqf lands in the city and districts where MIM leaders were found directly involved in them.

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