Tuesday , August 22 2017
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IT Minister took to twitter, complaining about ‘good morning’ posts on Whatsapp

Hyderabad: Receiving a very good morning message the moment you wake up, gives you the feeling of the world waking up to you, waiting for you to open your eyes but it can turn annoying if your inbox is filled with dozens of Good morning messages on a daily basis turning your good morning to not so very good one. Seems that didn’t go down well with Telangana IT Minister KTR when he took to Twitter and made it clear he would really appreciate it if his well wisher’s stopped doing so.

Reacting to IT Minister’s tweet, Ram Narayan, a resident of Banjara Hills and a content writer says, “I completely understand his frustration. It has become a ritual to sit and delete all the ‘flowery’ good morning wishes which do the exact opposite of what it intends — not to mention your phone continuously cribbing about not having enough space to store the images,” he also added flooding of gallery with morning posts is annoying for a common man, he could only imagine the number of messages the Minister must be receiving and how annoyed he must get about it.

“Forget good morning wishes; there are people in my contact list who send profound quotes pasted on their own photos daily, for no rhyme or reason. Why do I have to wake up to faces I am not particularly interested in, and that too with quotes that establish no sense at all. Many a time, it has forced me to set my priorities straight and block them” reacting to the Minister’s tweet Hussain, Technical Writer at Hexagon Capability Center says it can torture you in multiple ways, DC reported.