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Ministry of Electronics and Information technology has been tracking your transactions

Ministry of Electronics and Information technology has been tracking your transactions

Hyderabad: Union Ministry electronics and information has been tracking your e-Transactions since November 9 after demonization in the country according to Deccan Chronicle.

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh topped the e-transactions after demonization says the report released by the Centre with making it to 39crores of e-transactions.

The total population of Telangana is 3,51,93,978, with total e-transactions recorded since November 9 were 20,04,11,513. The total e-transactions per 1,000 population were 5,694, the highest in the country.

While in AP the total e-transactions per 1,000 population were 3,873 second highest in the country with total population in 4,94,71,55 with total e-transactions recorded were 19,16,17,298.

Gujarat recorded the highest e-transactions in the country at 20,13,09,614, but stood third since its population is 6,03,83,628 more than these two states. The e-transactions per 1,000 population was 3,333, the third highest in the country.

Uttar Pradesh recorded 14,78,64,658 e-transactions while Tamil Nadu recorded 13,53,98,453. However, their e-transactions per 1,000 population was 740 and 1,876.

IT minister K.T. Rama Rao was happy with Telangana topping the e-transactions per 1,000 population in the country. Since both the Governments of Telangana and AP took initiatives to promote e-transactions after demonitisation.

“We have conducted programs in all districts to create awareness among the people on adopting e-transactions following demonetisation. All payments to beneficiaries of welfare schemes have been made online. The public distribution system is also being made cashless with the introduction of swiping machines. All major government services are being offered in online mode. All these measures paid off, encouraging cashless transactions,” Mr Rao said.

E-transactions tracked in 6 categories are as follows:

 Category-A Statutory & non-statutory services includes certificates, payment of taxes, release of  scholarships, social welfare scheme (DBT) transfers. Telangana recorded 14.88 crore transactions and AP recorded 13.32 crore transactions.
 Category-B Utility bill payments included water, telephone, electricity bills, e-municipality services etc. Telangana recorded 54.32 lakh e-transactions, with AP recording 53.35 lakh.
 Category-C Business to citizen services B2C includes banking transactions, mobile/ DTH recharge. Telangana recording 42.39 lakh with AP recording 52.89 lakh e-transactions.
 Category-D Information services (Information access from various e-governance portals/websites).
 Category-E Social benefits (Government disbursements of pensions etc).
 Category-F Mobile governance (End-to-end services delivered through mobile device).