Tuesday , August 22 2017
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Miracle Baby: Woman deliver baby under the light of nurses’ mobile phones

Gurugram: A woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy under the light of nurses’ mobile phones last Sunday at the government-run Civil Hospital in Gurugram, which is also called the Millennium City.

The hospital was plunged into darkness due to a power outage. The inverter installed in the room was also broken down and their was no doctor on duty, only a bunch of determined nursing staff were at the scene.

Kapil Kumar, father of the three-day old baby boy said.”When my wife, Kavita, was admitted to the hospital on Sunday evening, the ward was functioning under candlelight and several corridors were in total darkness.”

“She reported severe labour pain around midnight and I reported the matter to the nurse on duty.”

He said the nurses had to hold out candles and his wife was wheeled into the delivery room. The maternity staff used flash-lights of their cellphones, besides a few candles, to illuminate the delivery room and assist in the birth of his son.

“The 25 minutes that I stood out of the delivery room were the longest anxious moments of my life,” said Kumar,

Kavita was discharged on Monday morning and was recovering well at home.

Still the power supply at the hospital has continued to remain erratic.The hospital staff said there had been no power for the previous 11 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday.

They also said the facility has the provision of a bio-metric attendance system, but large number of employees were not registered until power supply was restored at the hospitals.

Pushpa Bishnoi, the chief medical officer of Gurugram, said. “We have asked the medical superintendent of the hospital to submit a report about the irregular power supply as well as this incident.

“The health department is also approaching South Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) to ensure uninterrupted power supply in the hospital.”

This is not the first incident in the hospital facility. Similar incident took place in June 2015 at the same hospital when a baby was given birth under candle light.