Friday , August 18 2017
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Miyanpur land scam creates panic among Ministers, leaders and officials

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana is in a state of confusion since many VIPs are said to be involved in the sale of 796 acre Govt. land to private companies at Miyanpur.

Preliminary enquiries revealed that many VIPs are involved in it. Mr. KCR is directly supervising the probe. He is being furnished information every day. It is reported that pressure is mounting on Govt. for CBI probe. BJP is making an attempt to get permission for this probe by CBI.

It may be mentioned that action has been taken against the level of sub-registrars but the question is that is it possible that such a big scam could be done at this level unless it is patronized by influential leaders?

It is reported that many ministers, officials and public representatives are disturbed with this probe since in some form or the other, the persons involved in the scam are the close associates of VIPs. It is also reported that the officials of CMO and the ministers are involved in the scam. An official of the CMO is under suspicion. However, the officials of CBCID are not in a position to make the issue public since the finger could be raised directly to CM.

It is reported that CM has instructed the investigating officials to submit daily reports to him. It is also reported that some TRS leaders played a key role in this scam. They arranged meeting of Ministers with the officials of private companies. Such of the ministers who are involved in this scam may face difficulties. Govt. of Telangana rejected CBI probe. Opposition parties can approach High Court demanding CBI probe.

It is the first time during the past 3 years of TRS rule that such a big scam had been exposed. The sources indicated that CM himself might expose the names of the persons involved in this scam to save TRS Govt. from defamation.

–Siasat News