Sunday , August 20 2017
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Modi failed to bring back black money from abroad: Congress

Hyderabad: Congress official spokesperson Dr D Sravan Kumar has opined that black money menace was a hurdle for the nation’s development and there was a need to eradicate black money at any cost.
Participating in a debate conducted by a private news channel here on Sunday, Sravan reminded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured the people before the 2014 election that he would bring back black money from foreign countries; but not yet fulfilled his assurance though two-and-a-half years elapsed after Modi assuming office. He said Modi demonetized big notes to regain his lost prestige or to cover his failures or he might have been influenced with the cashless economy in some foreign countries.
“Modi was trying to camouflage the people with demonetization of big notes in the nation. It seems Modi was trying to improve his personal image at the cost of poor and middle class people. The impact of demonetization of big notes was not on rich people and black money holders and they were not seen at the ATM Centers or banks where queues were long”. (NSS)