Friday , August 18 2017
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Modi Govt hostile towards media: Sanjay Baru

Hyderabad: Dr Sanjaya Baru, media advisor to Dr Manmohan Singh when he was PM and political commentator, said the present BJP-led NDA government has assumed a hostile attitude towards its critics and hoped that it would learn and mend, as it was simply ‘ill-advised’.
Speaking at an Interactive session on “Modi and the media” here on Saturday, Sanjay Baru said Modi’s problem was either he had ‘contempt’ for Delhi media, or he didn’t know how to get through to it. “If you have a media strategy, you don’t need to have a media manager. If you don’t, you can hire one,” he remarked, while answering a question by his interlocutor Sriram Karri. “Media is not a homogenous entity, and the big mistake that the BJP, as a party has made was to unnecessarily malign the media on the whole, due to its anger against a few, Baru said and took strong objection to Union Minister V.K. Singh coining the term ‘presstitutes’, which is misogynistic”. Admitting that corruption has reduced after the present government has taken over, Baru said a lot of hostility towards government was due to badmouthing of the media.
Press Club Hyderabad president Ravikanth Reddy and Executive Committee Member Raghu Duggu were also present. (NSS)