Thursday , July 27 2017
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Modi in US: Drop the notion that terrorism is someone else’s problem, says PM

Continuing his trend of taking a hard stand on terrorism in the international arena, Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that there could be no deterrence against nuclear terrorism without prevention and prosecution of acts of terrorism. Intervening on nuclear terrorism threat at the Nuclear Security Summit dinner at the White House hosted by US President Barack Obama, the Prime Minister called to focus on three contemporary features of terrorism.

“First, today’s terrorism uses extreme violence as theatre. Second, we are no longer looking for a man in a cave, but we are hunting for a terrorist in a city with a computer or a smart phone. Third, State actors working with nuclear traffickers and terrorists present the greatest risk,” Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) official spokesperson Vikas Swarup quoted the Prime Minister as saying.

Lauding President Obama for putting the spotlight on Nuclear Security and for his service to the global community, Prime Minister Modi said that the deadly Brussels attack was the prime example of how real and immediate is the threat to nuclear security from terrorism.

“Terror has evolved. Terrorists are using 21st century technology. But our responses are rooted in the past. Drop the notion that terrorism is someone else’s problem and that “his” terrorist is not “my” terrorist. Nuclear security must remain an abiding national priority,” he said. The Prime Minister added that the reach and supply chains of terrorism are global but the genuine cooperation between nation states is not.

A memorandum of understanding on setting up LIGO facility in India was also signed between India and the United States on the occasion. The Prime Minister prior to beginning his official engagements earlier greeted members from the Indian community who came to see him.