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Mohammed Ali used to be busy in the incantation of “Allah (SWT)”: Hyderabadi Dr. Qutubuddin

Mohammed Ali used to be busy in the incantation of “Allah (SWT)”: Hyderabadi Dr. Qutubuddin

Hyderabad: Hyderabadi Psychiatrist, Dr. Qutubuddin recalled his 30 year association and unforgettable memories with boxing champion, Mohammed Ali. He said that Mohammed Ali’s life outside the boxing ring was very different. He had a marvelous power of attraction due to his piety and sanctity. Anyone who meets Ali used to get affected. Ali had a respectable place in the hearts of people. In the boxing ring, he used to appear as a ferocious boxer to his opponent and used to continue his efforts till he defeats him. Outside the boxing ring, his temperament and etiquette used to be quite different. He was the sympathizer of humanity. Due to his extraordinary talents, he was popular among the people of various fields.

His most peculiar habit was that he always used to keep himself engaged in the incantation of “Allah (SWT)”. He used to treat daily physical exercise a religious duty. It is no secret that during the initial days of his fail, he had embraced Islam.

Dr. Qutubuddin recalled his three decades association with Ali and said that he spent all his life in the service of humanity. Propagation of Islam was his real mission. After the burial of Ali, Dr. Qutubuddin gave this interview. He recalled that in 1982, he had met Ali in connection with fund raising for Islamic conference to be held in Chicago. He used to participate in welfare activities fervently. He used to listen to every talk with humility and full concentration. He used to give appointment to anyone who wanted to meet him. Due to this aspect of his character, the popularity of this sportsmen increased unexpectedly.

Dr. Qutubuddin told that Ali used to come to his residence on Thursdays and all Friday prayers. He used to spent most of his time for the propagation of Islam. He used to take dinner after offering Isha prayer. He used to like Indian food. After eating the food, if anything remaind, he used to ask Dr. Qutubuddin’s wife “Sister I want to take the leftover food to my house. I don’t want to waste it”.

Dr. Qutubuddin further told that Ali was a very kind hearted person. He further told that during the initial days of Ali’s career, Dr. Qutubuddin’s son had practiced blows in his boxing ring. He had disclose boxing secrets to Dr. Qutubuddin’s son.

Dr. Qutubuddin has more than a dozen photographs of Ali on which Ali’s signature is affixed at a time when Ali was at the peak of his career.

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