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Molester stabs 24 times to victim’s father in front of crowd, none came for help!

Molester stabs 24 times to victim’s father in front of crowd, none came for help!

New Delhi: In a gruesome incident, an accused of molestation allegedly stabbed the victim’s father to death in the Amar Colony area of Delhi on Friday. When the incident was happening the crowd was present but none came forward to help him.

According to DNA, Balkaran Yadav, the accused was arrested in 2013 for molesting; the complaint was lodged by the victim’s father, Hariprasad (name changed), 50-year-old, roadside shopkeeper. The accused was out on bail since November 2014 and the case is under trial.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (south-east) Romil Baaniya said, “He was apprehended from the location. It was later revealed that Yadav stabbed Hariprasad near the Kalicharan camp. The deceased used to sell moong daal near the flyover.”

The incident took place around 10 pm. Head Constable, Jitendra from Okhla police station saw few people running behind a man who was carrying a big knife in his hand. Jitender caught the accused and later came to know that he had stabbed Hariprasad for 24 times.

Hariprasad’s relative, Hetram said, “He was beaten up after filing of the case as well. The accused is a local criminal, who used to pass lewd remarks at Hariprasad’s daughter and molested her. The family was pressurized to take back the complaint. They were threatened just a month ago.”

Hariprasad has three daughters, one of them said, “Yadav and his men have been harassing us for a long time. We suspect that other people are also involved in the killing of my father. Since Yadav came out on bail, my father was threatened many times.”