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MP trapped by woman, was demanded extortion money

MP trapped by woman, was demanded extortion money

New Delhi: In an unusual incident, Lok Sabha MP was drugged and demanded extortion money of Rs 5 crore, by a ‘gang’ lead by a woman. The MP registered a FIR with the Police.

Delhi Police is on search for a “high-profile” woman who’s known to trap Members of parliament, by drugging and filming them in inappropriate manners to demand extortion money from them, failing which, she would threaten them with filing rape case against them.

The blackmailing gang is lead by a woman who lures men into her trap and then in turn blackmail them for the money.

The recent incident came into light when one of the Lok Sabha MP registered a extortion case with police against the gang demanding him 5 crore as extortion money. He said he was lured by the woman on pretext of help. When he reached her place, the woman drugged him and he passed out. The gang later filmed him in inappropriate manners. He was demanded extortion money when he came back to his senses.

Initial investigations revealed that the woman allegedly runs a blackmailing ring and works with a number of associates, an officer said. “We have found that her modus operandi is to approach parliamentarians on pretext of seeking help and then befriend them by her smooth talk. She then takes them to her house for tea and then clicks their pictures in objectionable poses. After that, she demands money or a high flying job. If refused, she threatens to register a fake case of rape,” an investigator said.

When contacted, special commissioner Mukesh Meena confirmed that the case was under investigation. Police are treating the case as top priority and arrests are likely soon. An FIR has been filed under section 384 (extortion) of the IPC.

A similar incident has been reported by another MP last year.

Police is investigating the case, as reported in TOI.