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MPs demand special privileges on public money while flying on low cost flights

MPs demand special privileges on public money while flying on low cost flights

New Delhi: The civil aviation ministry wants private airlines to offer special privileges to the members of Parliament (MPs) and plans to issue guidelines on the subject after complaints by MPs. However, the move goes against the prevailing mood of MPs behaving like a common man in public life.

According to an Economic Times news report, the ministry of civil aviation (MoCA) has called all private airlines next Friday to discuss the “protocol” they should extend to netas. It’s been a long time since these demands are coming from MPs and VIPs who want to be felt premium and privileged while flying on people’s money.

The ministry has sent a notice to private airlines and other stakeholders titled “protocol to be extended to VIPs in private airlines”, as per to a report. The meeting scheduled is to be held on June 30.

As per the norm, MPs and VIPs mostly fly by Air India as they are entitled to Business Class travel. However for private carriers weren’t supposed to provide ‘extra’ privilege to netas. Some low-cost carriers like Indigo and Spicejet also don’t have business class on their flights. The ministry now plans to ask these carriers to reserve front row seats and subsidised meals for the political leaders when they fly.

“This clearly indicates that the bureaucrats issuing such orders are not taking a cue from the current environment and the latest Supreme Court verdict prohibiting the use of beacons, and instead of trying to perpetuate and extend an old and outdated privileged practice. It is highly regrettable and unfortunate,” former Air India executive Jitender Bhargava said.