Mufti’s condition continues to be warranting close monitoring

, 9:10 PM IST

There was no improvement in the health condition of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, admitted 13 days ago in the intensive care unit of AIIMS with fever and neck pain.

In a brief statement, AIIMS said that Sayeed “continues to be in the ICU at AIIMS. He is hemodynamically stable but requires respiratory support.

“… His condition continues to be warranting close monitoring by the team of experts at AIIMS.”

Doctors attending Sayeed have termed his condition to be “critical but stable” as his chest infection is believed to have spread.

“Hemodynamically stable” means that the blood circulation in the body was normal.

However, sources said that after his platelet count fell, the Chief Minister was administered additional platelets from donors.

79-year-old Sayeed, who was airlifted from Srinagar on December 24 and admitted to AIIMS, was on a ‘mechanical ventilator’, a drill that is followed in the ICU, the doctors said.

Sayeed, who took over as Chief Minister of PDP-BJP coalition on March 1 last year, was admitted after he had complained of exhaustion due to fever and neck pain and during the course of his medical investigation, the AIIMS doctors diagnosed him of having “decreased blood counts, pneumonia and sepsis”.