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Muhammad Ali was from Kerala, thinks State Sports Minister

Muhammad Ali was from Kerala, thinks State Sports Minister

New Delhi: Kerala Sports Minister E P Jayarajan bizarrely thought Muhammad Ali was a Malayali athlete who made Kerala proud and praised Ali for winning “many medals for the state in his heydays”.

The 74-year-old American boxer was hailed as the ‘Pride Of Kerala’ by the minister.

On Manorama News’, EP Jayarajan was asked to share his thoughts about Ali on Saturday. Disastrous came the reply.

“I heard that Ali has died in the US. He was an excellent sportsman from Kerala. He received gold medals in sports, which did Kerala proud in other countries. I express Kerala’s extreme grief in his death.”

The sports minister made himself the subject of trolls on social media networks after he described the legendary boxer as an eminent sports personality of Kerala.

Here are some of the best:

“Thank god, the news reader stopped asking him more questions. Otherwise, he would have announced that he would make all arrangements to bring Ali’s mortal remains to Kerala.”

“He would have announced compensation and free ration for Ali’s family if that reader did not interrupt him.”