Mukherjee reads out Indian policy paper: Delhi wants mutually respectful ties with Islamabad

, 4:48 PM IST

New Delhi: On Tuesday, President Pranab Mukherjee read out the policy paper at his traditional address to a joint sitting of the parliament’s two houses, which kicks off the annual budget session.

The report came ahead of Modi- Nawaz meeting in Washington which is going to happen next month.

The president said the government was ready for a “mutually respectful relationship” with Pakis­tan and in creating an environment of cooperation in combating cross-border terrorism. He called upon all MPs to discharge their responsibilities in a spirit of cooperation and mutual accommodation.

“Let me congratulate the security forces in successfully foiling the recent attack at the Pathankot airbase by terrorists. Firm and effective steps will be taken to deal with any situation arising out of cross-border terrorism,” Mr.Mukherjee said.

“Let noble thoughts come from all directions, should be the spirit behind the debate in this temple of democracy. Being a member of this great institution bestows great honour as well as important responsibilities,” he added.