Phule Khan shelters around 600 cows, want to build spirit of brotherhood among Hindus and Muslims

, 7:30 PM IST

At a time when the country is witnessing an intolerance debate, a Muslim family from Ledi village in Rajasthan is a best example of communal harmony. The family is working towards building a spirit of brotherhood among Hindus and Muslims by dedicating its life to the service of cows.

According to HT news Phule Khan and his family shelter around 600 cows. The practice, which started with 20 cows in 1995 by Phule’s brother Aasu Khan, has two aims providing shelter and fodder to abandoned cows and saving crops from being destroyed by stray cattle during harvesting seasons.

According to reports, the Khan family spends about Rs 1 lakh on fodder and the upkeep of the shelter with their own resources and with the help of donations from fellow villagers.

Speaking about their act for building communal harmony Khan said that, “No nation can survive if there is a trust deficit between two communities,” Phule said. “Hindus are our brother, they revere the cow and there is no harm if Muslims respect their sentiments”, he added.