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Muslim group behind Viral billboards in US

Muslim group behind Viral billboards in US

Washington: An American Muslim group galvanized international attention when they waged their violent campaign against ISIS after plastering the message “HEY ISIS,YOU SUCK!!!” on the billboard on US interstate highway.

The Non-profit organization sound vision’s success reach Viral hashtag #actualmuslims, the Muslim majority stance of what some critics label as Silence over ISIS crimes despite the militant group’s crime against followers of Islam.

According to the report published in Al Arabiya Chicago-based Sound Vision says “We have received requests from about 10 different communities after this billboard,” Mohammad Siddiqi, Sound Vision’s executive director, told,“Muslim communities now want to have similar billboards in their areas.”

Non-profit organization is presently “contacting billboard companies.”in Connecticut, Florida and Texas and other states to fulfill these requests.It is not easy to erect another billboard in terms of legality and money for any Muslim individual in America.

He said, “In order to go for a billboard, you need to be a legal entity,” explaining why these Muslims are contacting Sound Vision to get their billboards and also says ““Each billboard costs between $3,000 to $6,000 for four weeks” requiring fundraising efforts.