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Muslim lawyer converts to Hinduism for being asked to follow basic principles of Islam

Muslim lawyer converts to Hinduism for being asked to follow basic principles of Islam
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Bihar: Harassing someone has never given solutions to problems but it only aggravated the situations and led to rising of further tensions among people. Muslim throughout the nation needs to understand that only unity can get them through these tough times and will help to survive the current communal tensions rising in the country.
Recently a Muslim lawyer renounced Islam due to ‘harassment’ he and his family have been experiencing due to his neighbours in Bihar’s Begusarai District.

The 46-yr-old Mohammed Anwar converted to Hinduism accsusing his neighbours of harassing him. Mr Anwar on Tuesday along with his two sons Mohammed Amir 11 and Mohammed Shabir 9 accepted Hinduism and took names as Anand Bharti, Aman Bharti and Suman Bharti respectively. He said his wife Shabnam is yet to convert.

“Though I have been living in Pokharia, Begusarai, for over 18 years amid 12 Muslim households in a Muslim-dominated area, a Syed family, which thinks itself as contractor of Islam, has been harassing me for last seven months, sometimes by saying that I hardly offer namaz and at times by leaving bones outside my house,’’ Anand said. “I consider myself a humanist. I have given donation for construction of temples… Such things would irritate Muslim neighbours, who often asked why I do not eat beef and put my sons in a madrasa.’’

After being threatened with dire consequences for not following the ‘basic norms of Islam’ on July 2 by his 40 Muslims he took the decision says Anand.

“At 46, no one can be able to influence my decision. I had been feeling suffocated by jibes. I have given an affidavit making it clear that I have taken my decision out of my will.”

Bajrang Dal’s Begusarai district convener Subham Bhardwaj said Anand said he would “renounce Islam” after the convener called him to protect his life, sources reported.