Wednesday , August 23 2017
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UP: Meet the Muslim man who chooses cows over wife

Amid the Hindutuva people unnecessarily targeting Muslim groups on the allegation of consuming beef, a unique incident has come to light where a Muslim man left his wife over his love for cows.

However the story is 13 years old, but the man decided to share the details after Muslims were attacked by cow-protection groups of Hindutva outfits in many states of the country over allegations of cow slaughter and beef consumption.

According to reports Afaq Ali alias Munna, who resides in Etawah district of UP, was asked to choose between his wife Afroze Jahan and his 14 cows, he went for the latter.

Jahan who got married with Afaq in 2001 immediately left her husband after the incident.

The villagers along with panchayat tried to encourage the couple to reach a compromise and forget their conflicts, but Afaq felt that his love for bovine companions was greater and left his house at Bais Khwaja locality immediately.

Afaq who purchased his first cow at the age of 15, now has 14, begins his day milking the cows.

While Villagers praises Afaq for his love and devotion, some relatives criticise him for what he did to his wife.

“She used to quarrel with me every day for my obsession, asking me to sell the cows. My inner voice never allowed me to do so. I never regret my decision,” said Afaq.