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Muslim organizations under scanner – Action against 13000 NGOs in two years

Hyderabad: RSS and its outfits have always been complaining that Christian Missionaries and Muslim organizations are engaged in religious conversions. Poor persons of depressed classes are embracing Christianity or Islam abandoning Hinduism due to untouchability. Hindutva forces had not gained power during the past, they could not take any action against Christian and Muslim organizations. Soon after BJP got power under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modi, Sangh Parivar’s secret agenda started implementing. Initially, Muslim organizations were targeted since communal elements know that whosoever embraces Islam, does not get any monetary benefit. The Muslims talk of the world hereafter. Despite knowing this, RSS, BJP and VHP leaders started venom against Muslim Madrasas. They declared these Madrasas as the shelters of terrorists.

In Rajasthan and other states, Muslim Madrasas and Muslim charitable institutions came under the scanner. The details of these organizations were collected. Large scale actions were taken against Christian Missionaries under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.

According to a report published in June 2015, Govt. of India cancelled the licenses of 8875 NGOs. The Govt. alleged that these institutions violated FCRA regulations and Christian Missionaries were blamed for converting Hindus into Christianity.

It may be noted that there are more than 20000 NGOs which are engaged in helping the poor Indian. The organizations whose licenses were cancelled include Green Pepsi and Ford Foundation. Although, the Govt. was not getting any opportunity to lay hands on Muslim organizations, the episode of Dr. Zakir Naik provided it. The eyes of Sangh Parivar were concentrated on Muslim charitable institutions and Islamic Madrasas since they were receiving donations from Abroad. Indian Muslims are very well aware about the intensions of Central and State Govt. It is a matter of satisfaction that most of the Islamic Madrasas are run through the charitable funds and donations of the Indian Muslims. They are not aware of FCRA.

It seems that Modi Govt. is making an attempt to air sectarian differences among the Muslims in order to target the community. In such a situation, all the Muslim institutions should read the writing on the wall. Govt. agencies might target any Muslim institution under the pretext of receiving foreign aid. They might also target Muslim personalities.

–Siasat News