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Muslim reservations not possible on religious basis – BJP

Muslim reservations not possible on religious basis – BJP

Hyderabad: Govt. should abandon misleading the people since it is not possible to implement 12% reservation for Muslims on the basis of religion. Govt. should take necessary steps to enhance Hajj subsidy and ensure equal development for all the sections of society. It is also the responsibility of the Govt. to improve the status of BCs. These thoughts were expressed BJP MLC Mr. N. Ramachandra Rao while participating in discussions in Telangana Legislative Council on the issue of reservation for Muslims. He further told that the procedure adopted by the Govt. for identification of BCs is un-democratic. Sudhir Commission of Inquiry has no legal standing. Mr. Ramachandra Rao indirectly opposed the reservation for Muslims saying that there is no provision for such reservation on the basis of religion in constitution. He also told that there is no class system among the Muslims. Govt. is dividing them into classes.

Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Dy. CM of Telangana, Mr. Moahmmed Ali Shabbeer and Syed Altaf Haider Rizvi made an objection on the statement made by Mr. Ramachandra Rao. Mr. Mahmood Ali told that persons benefiting out of reservations belong to some religion. He also told that if reservation are provided to Muslims on the basis of their backwardness, no one should object.

Mr. Ramachandra Rao also opposed the steps taken Govt. of Telangana to include Dalit Christians in STs. Christian MLC, Mr. Rajehwar opposed his statement. Mr. Ramachandra Rao replied that when there is a provision for Christians under BC-C category, where is the need for the Govt. to include them under STs. However, he admitted that Muslims and minorities are backward and State Govt. should formulate welfare schemes on par with Central Govt. to eradicate their backwardness.

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