Muslim scientist Rachid Yazami developed a smart chip that will change the world

, 4:47 PM IST

Rabat: Professor Rachid Yazami, French Moroccan scientist developed a chip that he claims is able to charge a Smartphone within 10 minutes.

Rachid Yazami director of battery programs at Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) hopes it can ultimately be used to charge almost anything, including electric cars.

It took 5 years to develop which will not only slash charging times, but reduce the risk of battery fires as well, claims Yazami.

Dr Yazami explained: “Current chargers do not take into account the health of a battery when charging it. They send the same amount of charge regardless of the battery’s condition. With this chip, the charge can be regulated to avoid damaging the battery.”

Professor Yazami, also won the 2014 Charles Stark Draper Prize for Engineering in recognition of being one of the three founders of the lithium-ion battery in the 1980s.

Yazami was also awarded a Royal Medal by King Mohammad VI of Morocco in 2014.

In an interview he said; “My vision for the future is that every battery will have this chip, which will in turn reduce the risk of battery fires in electronic devices and electric vehicles while extending their life span.”