Muslim woman threatens to convert to Hinduism if justice is denied

, 9:53 PM IST

Uttarakhand: Yet another case of Triple Talaq is making news, where the victim from Udham Singh, is threatening to convert to Hinduism or to commit suicide if she is denied justice in Uttarakhand.

This Wednesday, a new video went viral, in which the victim Shamim Jahan has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Supreme Court’s intervention to get justice.

Her husband Asif announced Triple Talaq to her inside the Gadarpur police station.

“After my experience, I think it is better to convert to Hinduism as these things do not happen in Hinduism. The other option is suicide. I have suffered a lot,” she says in the video.

She was married to Asif 12 years ago who ended up divorcing her in a period of four years.

However, the both reunited after completing the Halala period of 40days on their families counseling.

Though they reunited Asif started abusing her physically. Refusing to take any more violence, Jahan reported it in Police Station, as reported in HansIndia.