Tuesday , August 22 2017
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The Muslim World League (MWL) blamed various groups for campaigning against Islam

JEDDAH: The The Muslim World League (MWL) who works to improve Islamic mass media as a means of propagating Islam and Islamic culture has blamed various groups and individuals for campaigning against Islam, and also for splitting the Muslim community.

MWL chief Abdullah bin Mohsen Al-Turki said while welcoming the preachers and scholars from Africa at the 25th Forum of the Committee for Call in Africa, that Islamic teachings emphasized the importance of unity and working to help the less fortunate.

He said. “God the Almighty has blessed and honored this Kingdom with this valued religion and law, to serve the two holy mosques, only worship God the Almighty, and open Islamic centers.”

The function was attended by Prince Bandar bin Salman bin Mohammed, chairman of the committee and by several other members.

The MWL is governed by a Constituent Council composed of 60 members drawn from leading Islamic organizations and is funded by the government of Saudi Arabia.

The MWL secretary general said Saudi Arabia has enjoyed a close relationship with the African continent since the first migration of Muslims to Abyssinia during the lifetime of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

He said. “The African continent and Muslim countries are being targeted by organized campaigns to shun Muslims and keep them away from their religion.”

Mohsen Al-Turki thanked Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and the country’s leadership for supporting Muslims across the globe.