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Muslims advised to get united setting aside sectarian differences – Seerath Seminar

Hyderabad: The Seerath of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) guides us at every stage of our life. We have to adopt it according to the present situations. We are ordained that if you encounter a group which is bent upon destroying our identity we should be firm in our status and remember Allah (SWT). The victory will be ours, Without faith in Allah (SWT) entry in paradise is not possible, in the same manner, faith will not be complete without mutual love and affection. Tests are lessons for Muslim Ummah. Muslims can love their country but they cannot worship it. There is a need to generate the power of competition with proper strategy. This power could be obtained by establishing our firm contact with Allah (SWT). These thoughts were expressed on the last day of three day international seminar on “Benefactor of Humanity’s, message to humanity”.


Maulana Ashraf Ali presided over the public meeting held yesterday. He appealed to the Muslims to forge unity setting aside all sectarian and marginal differences since they are leading to mutual differences and hostilities on various occasions.


Maulana Khalid Qazi Puri in his emotional address highlighted the seerath of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). He told that appropriate steps have to taken with proper strategy. Success is not possible unless we mould our life according to the example set up Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). He stressed the need for the people of Hyderabad to ensure the end of sectarian differences of the schools of Deoband, Bareilly and Salafi.


Maulana Khaleelur Rahman Sajjad Noormani in his addressing told that a community which takes decisions with balanced psychological behaviors achieves success. No single individual faced difficulties as did Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) but he was neither disappointed nor terrified.


Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani expressed his strong reaction on the efforts to divide Muslim Ummah. He further told that our prophet has taught us to love motherland. We can therefore love our country but we cannot accept any attempt of polluting our religion in the name physical exercise or any anthem. He also told that we are the citizens of this country to enjoy equal rights since we have also played a key role in the freedom struggle of this country.



–Siasat News